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Dom Lewis

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Dom Lewis
Dominique Lewis, better known as "Dom", has always had a love for movement. Playing around in the grass and on concrete, he steadily taught himself how to tumble, which soon developed into skilled acrobatics. While experimenting in the gym one day, Dom was recorded executing a back handspring from a seated position with a layout series, ending in a double full. He shared this new feat on Instagram for fun, which soon went viral as well as his infectious energy and passion. To date, Dom has been featured on some of the most prominent media outlets: Fox Sports, The LAD Bible, People are Awesome, Bleacher Report, and Worldstar HipHop. He has also had the opportunity to represent the United States as a judge at Red Bull Kick It in Seoul, South Korea. Dom's journey through life has been anything but conventional. He captivates the hearts of everyone he meets with his explosive power and innovative style.

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