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grav life


Oct 12, 2018

By Dom Lewis

Originally from Egypt, Z Zoromba later relocated to Boston at the age of 9. After practicing gymnastics for over 6 years, allowing him to compete in many competitions, he soon learned about parkour at the age of 12. His first experience with parkour was at his local gym where he saw the free-spirited and mesmerizing movements of athletes performing various flips and tricks. This led him to look up parkour videos on YouTube, which got him hooked. Z decided to focus his training on parkour. After completing high school, he traveled across the US to teach others and spread the word about tricking and flipping. Z recently started his Instagram account last year and has developed a quickly growing following, allowing him to do meet and greets around the country. His goal is to make freerunning and parkour a mainstream sport since it has taught him how to become a "superhuman".

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