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the history

What started as an Instagram account with freerunning fails and funny clips, eventually became an international sports phenomenon. At the time, the freerunning community had no established clothing brand. It was then that two adventurous families decided to join forces and create one. Gravitated Equations was born. From its initial operation in a Brentwood, California basement, the company has grown into the leading lifestyle brand for the global flipping community. Today, Grav athletes train with their slogan at heart; Enhance your Perspective.

the brand

Gravitated Equations is a high-energy lifestyle brand that has grown into one of the biggest influencers within the flipping community. The brand's culture combines high performance athletics with uninhibited, spontaneous fun through a unique language of mind and body coming together in pure creative expression. From its initial operation in a Brentwood, CA basement, Gravitated Equations has grown into the leading lifestyle brand for the flipping community.

the product

GRAV sportswear is designed to subliminally communicate with aliens while in mid flip. The collection visually embodies what it means to have uninhibited fun through its graphic styling and variant colorways. The active collection features an array of athletic tops, bottoms, and accessories designed to provide any athlete or aspiring athlete of all ages to take their skills to the next level with a full range of motion.

the talent

The signature talent of the Grav Gang spans a diverse range of athletics, as its team attracts a multitude of sporting types from around the globe. Comprised with athletic talent from Flipping, Tricking, Gtramp, Parkour, Spirit, Freerunning, Gymnastics and Acrobatics, Grav truly sets itself apart as one of the most unique and diverse group of athletes that share a common passion through strict discipline in a sport that progresses on nothing less. All while having fun at the same time. The Grav Gang is a high-energy group of athletes that share the idea of an all inclusive perspective on their sport. The Grav team roster currently consists of Andrew Friedman, Solomon Berg, Jack Payne, Brittany Hertz, Z Zoromba, Dom Lewis, Bailey Payne, Pasha Petkuns, and Eric Mukhametshin. All of whom embody the idea of high-spirited athletics together with uninhibited fun.