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Bend Over and Jam for Prostate Cancer
Bend Over and Jam for Prostate Cancer
Bend Over and Jam for Prostate Cancer

Bend Over and Jam for Prostate Cancer

$30.00 USD

August 24th - August 26 

Location: Bend Oregon


1.) Meet at the Drake Park Amphitheater at 9:00 Am
2.) Explore Downtown Bend until 12Pm.
3.) Head Over to Old mill until 2Pm
4.) Grab food and Proceed to Pilot Butte Middle School Until 5Pm
5.) Abstract In Motion for Challenge night starting at 5:30.
6.) Style Comp at AIM starting at 7:00
7.) 8:30 Gym Jam

After Challenge night I will be hosting at Abstract In Motion to all Out of towners! There are plenty of bars to hang hammocks or mats to sleep on.

1.) Leave gym at 10 and head to Redmond Gymnastic Academy for a Private Open Gym starting at 11
2.) Explore around Redmond's best spots after the gym and hit up Sam Johnson Park.
4.) Head back to Bend to hit up Northwest Crossing until 4:00
6.)We'll head to our camp spot Widgi Creek Boulding for camping, burgers, hot dogs,and and Pasta! 
7.) Can't forget about the awesome Camp games until the wee hours!

1.) Wake Up and Clean up our camp site! Leave it Better than when we found it. (Shoot Jam outro)
2.) Head down to Seven Peaks at 10Am for a warm up training session at one of Bend's best spots! 
3.) Farewell Bend Park at 12Pm to regroup and train some more. 4.) 2:00 Pm, Walk 15 minutes up the Deschutes River trail to get to one of Bend's hidden parkour treasures!

$30 to Pre register but expires on Aug. 19th or $40 to register day of. (These funds will used to pay for RGA, AIM Comp, Challenge Night, T-shirts and the BBQ) Any additional Funds will be donated to Prostate Cancer Awareness.